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Mar 25, 2016 | | Los Angeles, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

When our son was diagnosed with Dyslexia at aged 8 it was a relief and a huge blow. Roberta Tishman and her team came highly recommended to help our son and our family navigate and problem solve! I could write a novel on how they have changed our sons life. He will never be "cured" of dyslexia, but they taught HIM how to learn, how to navigate a system that he didn't fit into. At aged 8 he was reading at a kindergarten level. His near photographic memory and high IQ fooling us all! We have now moved outside of the US and our son is nearly 13. He has been accepted into three prestigious independent schools in CA, HI and New Zealand, after successfully passing his SSAT. Something that initially never seemed possible. We are now in New Zealand and last week he received an award for academic excellence. He tested in the top 1% of his grade for accelerated math. He is a starter for his school Junior Varsity team and plays representative basketball for our region. He has absolutely gone above and beyond any expectations we ever had. The team at BHSLC were instrumental in all of his success and none of this would have happened without their input. It was so much more than teaching him "to read". It was understanding, compassion, individualized tuition, expertise, and genuine love for what they do and in turn our son. They helped enable him to be himself, in an environment that can be pretty hard edged. He is a confident, articulate, engaging and intellectual young man, that we could not be prouder of. And we thank BHSLC for helping him achieve so much. I can not speak highly enough of Roberta Tishman and her team.

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