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Step Two: Comprehensive Evaluation

Your phone consultation will determine if a comprehensive evaluation is appropriate. We want to alleviate your concerns as quickly as possible, so we make every effort to schedule evaluations within a week or less of your initial call.

At Beverly Hills Speech & Language Center, we have a wide variety of assessment tools for all ages, developmental levels, and areas of need. Your evaluation will be tailored to your specific concerns, and will typically include a combination of both formal and informal measures. When working with children, we always include toys and play-based assessment methods in order to create a fun and engaging experience.

The initial appointment is typically 75 minutes in length. In most instances, a single appointment is sufficient to gather enough information to determine whether you or your child would benefit from treatment.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, we will go over all tests administered and observational data collected, and answer any and all questions you may have. In some cases, a second appointment may be needed to gather additional information in order to make a complete and accurate diagnosis.

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