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Step Three: Individualized and Effective Treatment

If your evaluation indicates that therapy would be warranted, we will work with you to arrange a weekly appointment that is compatible with you and your child’s schedule. You will be assigned to one of our three licensed and experienced Speech Pathologists.

Sessions are typically 45 minutes in length. Most individuals are seen one to two times weekly depending on the number of issues that require remediation. We work closely with teachers and other professionals in your child’s life in order to reinforce the skills your child is working on with us.

We have a wide variety of therapy tools, toys, and games to fully and meaningfully engage your child in the therapeutic process. We have been building our repertoire of materials and methods for over 25 years.

At Beverly Hills Speech & Language Center, we feel that all students make the most meaningful progress when they enjoy their time with us, are invested in their work, and experience success.

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  • 50 Years of Combined Experience Assisting Children and Adults
  • Licensed, Certified and Experienced Speech Pathologists
  • Individualized Care and Attention
  • Our Commitment to the Highest Quality of Care
  • Supportive and Nurturing Environment